Planning is focused on meeting the needs of the students by preparing appropriate learning experiences. Planning considers what the learner can do so that the teacher can provide opportunities and materials to support those needs. In this section, some resources for planning instructional activities are provided.

Young children’s environment should be rich in print. A literate classroom offers a tremendous number of opportunities for children to make use of print and practice literacy habits and skills throughout the classroom environment. Creating Literate Environments is a resource that will assist you to plan and develop classroom environments that will engage students in meaningful learning experiences.

Creating Literate Environments (661K)

Developing Leveled Early Readers is one resource created to address the desire and need to create more printed materials. It can assist educators in determining the purpose for developing reading materials, ways to develop materials, and the varying text factors that must be taken into consideration for students in different stages of reading development. It is recommeded that this guide be used in conjuction with Using Microsoft Publisher 2000 to Develop Local Language Materials.

Developing Leveled Early Readers (326K)

Having a wide variety of early literacy resources to support the diverse interests and needs of students is always a challenge. Using Microsoft Publisher 2000 to Develop Local Language Materials is a guide to support educators’ use of Microsoft Publisher to develop materials, including books and instructional resources in multiple languages. Complete Guide (2.4M).

Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher (580K)
Inserting Pages, Images, and Text (1.4M)
Printing and Hints (614K)

The Alphabet Chart is a clearly written chart with letters in both upper and lower case form and a corresponding word represented by a picture—helping children link letters with sounds and words. The Alphabet Chart is available in the following languages:

English (340K)
Chuukese (122K)
Kosraean (158K)
Marshallese (200K)
Palauan (208K)
Pohnpeian (272K)
Yapese (186K)

Little Honu’s Journey is an illustrated children’s book set in a Pacific island context that tells the tale of a baby turtle’s adventures on his journey to the ocean. This is a great story for parents to share with their children and also accompanies Exploring Comprehension through Retelling: A Teacher’s Story, part of the Early Literacy and Assessment for Learning (K–3) Series. This book is available in the following languages:

Chuukese (2M)
English (746K)
Kosraean (2M)
Marshallese (2M)
Palauan (2M)
Pohnpeian (2M)
Yapese (2M)

Each book of the Island Alphabet series, which features languages and children’s artwork from the U.S.-affiliated Pacific, contains the complete alphabet for the language, examples for each letter, and a word list with English translations.

Carolinian (1.8M)
Chamorro (2.2M)
Chuukese (1.2M)
English (1.6M)
Hawaiian (838K)
Kosraean (1.2M)
Marshallese (1.4M)
Palauan (928K)
Pohnpeian (1.1M)
Samoan (855K)
Satawalese (6.1M)
Yapese (5M)