We approached our work with literacy teachers from the basic premise that in order to provide literacy instruction that meets the needs all of students you must first know your students.  
•	Based on this premise we began by providing professional development for teachers on how to ASSESS students’ literacy skills.  
•	We then worked with teachers to REFLECT on, or make sense of, the student literacy assessment information they had collected.  
•	From there we would support teachers to PLAN literacy activities that would meet the specific needs of their students.  
•	Finally we would provide guidance and support for teachers on how to TEACH, or execute, the planned literacy activities in their classrooms.

In our work we found the TLC to be a meaningful way to support literacy teachers efforts to improve student achievement.  Because our research was focused on early literacy teachers most of the contents of the Resource Kit are for primary teachers.  However we acknowledge the importance of policy makers, administrators, and parents in helping to create the conditions for student achievement in literacy and to that end we have included resources for each of these important role groups as well.
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